Ultrasound therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound is a conversive thermotherapy method in which the ultrasonic mechanical vibration frequency of 0.5-5 MHz in the human body are converted into heat. UZ is one of electrotherapy high-frequency currents or diathermy. High-frequency current is introduced into the body through the head ultrasound, and is converted into mechanical vibration of the crystal. It can also be applied with the contact method.

Then for the coupling agent the most often we use neutral gel that has the same or a higher conductivity than the tissue.
Ultrasound in physical medicine is primarily used as a therapeutic agent. Its action is mechanical, and it is actually the micro massage, mechanical compaction and stretching the tissue and motion of the individual particles of tissue. The most important effect of ultrasound is thermal. The mechanical energy in the tissues through which the ultrasound passes, is converted into heat, especially in places where there is a reflection of ultrasound, which is the boundary between the soft tissues and bones. The duration of application is 5-10 minutes depending on the condition, in acute illnesses is shorter.
Application of the water is suitable for small uneven surface. Ultrasound probe is plunged into the water, and then the patient put a hand or foot in the tub with the probe.
Sonophoresis is a method of ultrasound therapy when the contact means is some drug, which is injected into the body under the influence of ultrasound.
Ultrasound is indicated in all the musculoskeletal diseases and traumas, with clinical symptoms of muscle spasms, pain, stiffness and contractures.
Contraindications are: malignancies, acute infections, venous thrombosis, risk of bleeding. Special attention is needed to pregnant women in the pelvic region.

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