Price list


The physiotherapy examination 300 kn
Magnetic therapy 80 kn
Ultrasound therapy 80 kn
Ultrasound through the water 120 kn
Ultrasound by Seltzer 150 kn
TENS 80 kn
LASER 100 kn
IFS 80 kn
Galvanization 80 kn
Electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves 100 kn
Electrical stimulation of the facial nerve 120 kn
Electrical stimulation of muscles 90 kn
DDS 80 kn
Cryotherapy 25 kn
Termopak 40 kn
Individual kinesiotherapy 200 kn
Group kinesiotherapy (30 min) 60 kn
Special techniques of physiotherapy (45 min) 250 kn
The physiotherapy program 3-5 procedures (45-60 min) 270 kn
The treatment of sports injuries (45-60 min) 250 kn
Corrective exercise (2 times a week) 200 kn
Corrective exercise (3 times a week) 240 kn
Medical massage / sports massage (30 min) 250 kn
Medical massage / sports massage (50 min) 350 kn
Individual hydrogymnastics (30 min) 170 kn
Group hydrogymnastics (30 min) 80 kn
Hydro massage (30 min) 250 kn
Hydro massage – partial (20 min) 150 kn
Pearl bath (30 min) 250 kn
Pearl bath with aromatic oil (30 min) 270 kn
Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage with apparatuses 150 kn
Manual lymphatic drainage 350 kn
Manual lymphatic drainage – partial 250 kn
Patient education 120 kn
Taping (segment) 90 kn

Our therapists take complete care of each patient- starting from examinations, tests and measurements which does physiotherapy diagnosis to hydrotherapeutics, electrotherapeutics, kinesiotherapeutical and manual methods of physical therapy, the application of physical agents, functional trainings, prevention of damage and injuries, instructions and advice, conducting medical documentation and evaluation…

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