first physical therapy with hydrotherapy and the modern equipment

In our center we offer complete service of physical therapy and physiatrist review. We are equipped with the latest medical equipment to make your recovery process as short and be as effective as possible.


Within the object there is a possibility to accommodate patients with a 24-hour medical care and welfare.
Treat yourself with a stay in a safe environment with the use of physical therapy.

Lymphatic drainage

Improve general condition of your body, achieve tightness and healthy look of your skin and use positive impact on the entire immune system using manual lymphatic drainage.


A device that helps in the treatment of diseases of the lower extremities, circulatory system, connective tissue and helps in faster recovery of top athletes.


You do not need to have health problems to enjoy whirpool and baths.
At your disposal there are a number of services in a very pleasant environment.


Hydrotherapy has an extremely positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, and the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Water as a therapeutic medium has a special importance for the implementation of medical gymnastics.

Our therapists take complete care of each patient- starting from examinations, tests and measurements which does physiotherapy diagnosis to hydrotherapeutics, electrotherapeutics, kinesiotherapeutical and manual methods of physical therapy, the application of physical agents, functional trainings, prevention of damage and injuries, instructions and advice, conducting medical documentation and evaluation…

Use of hydrotherapy. Why & When?

The use of water for treatment is called HYDROTHERAPY, whereby the water is used in any state of matter – liquid, solid (ice) or in the form of water vapor.

The buoyancy force is interpreted by Archimedes law which says that „a body immersed in a liquid (water) apparently loses weight as much as heavy liquid squeezed out is.“

Soft tissue injuries

Occur as a trauma consequence which influences the body and causes a muscle, tendon, ligament or joint capsule injury.

Muscle spasms

Unpleasant muscle cramps occur to people of different age, physical shape and medical state. They can attack skeletal muscles, one muscle or an entire group of muscles.

Conditions after fractures

During injury rehabilitation the overall aim is to restore the function, performance, muscle strength and endurance present before the injury. Most frequently cryotherapy or kinesiotherapy is applied to cure and prevent the conditions.

Inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases

During the rehabilitation process it is of great importance to practice physical therapy and relaxation exercises on a regular basis, to constantly improve daily activities and overall quality of life, and to adapt the patient to newly arisen conditions.

Joint contractures

Limited joint mobility in some or all directions is one of most occurring musculoskeletal system complications and one of the most common invalidity causes. During the treatment and rehabilitation process physical therapy has the most important role.


Physical problems connected to anxiety can be reflected as stress, muscle contracture and pain, tiredness etc. One of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety problems is massage therapy.

Effects of hydrotherapy

extremely positive effect on musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular & respiratory system.

General effects of hydrotherapy are improving circulation, increasing range of motion and muscle strengthening, lowering high muscle tone, all of which results in an improvement of the general physical and mental condition.

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We are equipped with the latest medical equipment .

Water and health

Amazing fact is that water accounts for 70 % of our body .

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Program of physical therapy involves constant monitoring of the expert team .

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The rapid pace and a sedentary lifestyle as well as extended lifetime result in more frequent problems (discomforts) and disabilities of the locomotor system

In our center we offer complete service of physical therapy and physiatrist review. We are equipped with the latest medical equipment to make your recovery process as short and be as effective as possible.


Trajno rješenje za bezbolna leđa i pravilno držanje! Vježbanjem uklonite bol i ojačajte vaše tijelo!


Prilagođene vježbe za svaki dio tijela. Riješite se boli brzo i učinkovito!
Terapiju pripremaju i provode posebno educirani fizioterapeuti koji prilagođuju program vježbi za svaki dio tijela, prema potrebama pacijenta.


Prepustite se našim fizioterapeutima - specijalistima za limfnu drenažu. Rješenje za zdrav i prokrvljen organizam!

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